Local Vietnamese Show in the AFVN Da Nang Studio in 1968 or 1969.

Note the foil used to shield the camera from the FM transmitter's RF energy.

Photo furnished by David Gale in February 2013.

CPT Chuck Adams, USA, with CW3 Paul Blum, USA, Network Supply Officer (Photo received from Chuck Adams.)

Vietnamese seaside city named top rising travel destination:  TripAdvisor

Received from DIck Ellis on December 3, 2014.

A Buddhist beach sanctuary between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam

has been named the top rising destination of 2015.

ENT3 Bill Nicholas, USN, threading a video tape.

More photos of Detachment 2, Da Nang are at--

Photos & Stories

Charles B. "Chuck" Adams  CPT, USA   OIC, Da Nang  1970-71

Dick Downes  SP5, USA  Saigon / Da Nang  1969-70

Jack Holsomback, Jr.  GySgt, USMC  News & Sports  Da Nang / Saigon  1966-67 / 1971

Frank Rogers, SFC, USA  News, Saigon / Da Nang  1970-71   (Stories)

Billy F. Williams  SP4, USA  Det 1, Qui Nhon / Det 2, Da Nang / Saigon  1971-72

Steve Wiltsie  1LT, USA  Home video of Quang Tri, Da Nang and Saigon

CPL Tom McMichaels, USA, and CPL John Hackett, USA (with their sentry dogs) provided security for the isolated AFVN Da Nang Detachment.

Various Da Nang Detachment Vehicles

The photo was titled "Jeeps" but the one on the left is obviously a 3/4-ton truck and 

you can see a Ford Bronco in back on the right.​

Received via Facebook from Dennis Woytek on April 23, 2015. 

In front of the Da Nang Studio.

SSgt John Beemer, ETN3 Bill Nicholas, USN, and MSgt Robert Wagonner, USAF (Chief Engineer and Detachment NCOIC) in the Engineering Shop.

Mike Pitts with "Peaches," the Detachment's mascot  (1969?)  Photo furnished by Mike Pitts.

Da Nang Detachment

Received from Peter Simons on January 22, 2016

Furit Cakes for the Children, 1972.

Photo furnished by John McNamara in April 2013.

Da Nang Detachment Location on Monkey Mountain in 2015

Received from Dennis Woytek on January 15, 2016

Pinpointing the location of Det 2, Da Nang

Using photos and maps to locate the exact location of Det 2.

[From Greg Clark, November, 2017]

A "Loach" Helicopter crew came to visit. (1969?)  Photo furnished by Mike Pitts.

AFVN Detachment 2, Da Nang

AM  10,000 watts              850 KHz

FM  25,000 watts            99.9 MHz

TV   40,000 watts         Channel 11