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Peter Berlin, 1LT, USA, OIC, Det 5, Quang Tri 1969

Another group photo of the Det 5 Quang Tri group posted on Facebook

by Bruce Eaton on March 24, 2020.

Two digitalized recordings ​of Quang Tri in 1969

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[Posted on Facebook by Dennis Woytek in April, 2017.]

Det 5, Quang Tri Audio Desk

AFVN\Website7_Uploads-Graphics    ​QuangTriAudioDesk

[Facebook comment by Dennis Woytek]  If I remember correctly the transmitter in the rack was the standby transmitter,

the original one used before the 1K arrived.

E:\AFVN\Website7_Uploads-Graphics    QuangTriXmtr1968-1

This is the 1K finals in full power.

AFVN\Website7_Uploads-Graphics      QuangTriXmtr1968-2

[Facebook comment by Paul Dean Baldridge]  I used to dry my wet socks on the back of the transmitter in late 1969!

[Facebook comment by Tim Abney]  That Bauer was good for 50 Watts. That was our main transmitter at KLIK on 1330 KHz.

Received from CE4 Dennis Woytek,  Seabee, Quang Tri 1969.

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Quang Tri in 1970 or 1971.  Received from Doug Jennings, SP5, USA

AFVN\Website7_Uploads-Graphics3     QuangTriDougJennings

"Some of the biggest fans of 'Combat' lived here, on the DMZ."

Posted on Facebook by Doug Jennings  SP5, USA  1970-71

Go here for some more Facebook comments made as a result of this photo.

AFVN\Website7_Uploads-SlideShows\QuangTri Promos7   Combat

Peter Berlin  1LT, USA   Det 5 OIC, 1969


1969 Standing, left to right:  (1) Wilbur "Will" Fair  SFC, USA  Engineer  1969-70 ; (2) Ralphy Dowling  SSgt, USMC  1968-69;

(3) Timothy Nichols  Sgt, USMC  1968-69; (4) Peter B. Berlin  1LT, USA  OIC  1969; (5) Lynn K. Packer  SP4, USA  1969-70;
(6) Thomas Deaner  SP5, USA  1968-69; (7) Joe Delusio  SP5, USA  1969; (8) Unknown;
(9) Francis J. "Frank" Segreto  SSgt, USMC  1968-69; (10) Peter Phieffer  SP5, USA

In front, left to right: (1, 2 & 3) Unknowns; (4) Caroll Parlor  Sgt, USMC  1968-69; (5) David Mossman  GySgt, USMC  1969;

Left shortly before this was taken: Dennis Woytek CE4, Seabee  1969; Robert "Bob" Mandler  SSgt, USMC  1968 

[Posted on Facebook by Peter B. Berlin  1LT, USA  OIC, Quang Tri

Names received from Peter via Facebook on November 13, 2013.]

AFVN\Website7_Uploads-Graphics3    QuangTri1969

Jim Psak, JO, USN  1970 Posted on Facebook by Doug Jennings   SP5, USA  1970-71.

AFVN\Website7_Uploads-Graphics3   JimPsak

Capt Louis A. Chatelle, Jr., USMC, talking with the AFVN Headquarters in Saigon.

E:\AFVN\Website7_Uploads-Graphics3     arrowft

Capt Chatelle, USMC, OIC, Quang Tri Det, and Mr. Albert Sen, Tower Crew Supervisor, inspecting the site for the new television antenna.

AFVN\Website7_Uploads-Graphics3   arrow-right

The Det 5, Quang Tri van, most likely shortly after it was moved from Det 5, Hue.

AFVN\Website7_Uploads-Graphics3     Det5Van-1968

AFVN Detachment 5, Quang Tri

AM  10,000 watts              850 KHz

FM  25,000 watts            99.9 MHz

TV   40,000 watts          Channel 11