​​Two "spotters" up on the AFVN Tower by 75 feet or so in 1968 or 1969. 

Their job was  to watch for any approarching AFVN or VC. 

Photo furnished by David Gale in February 2013.

When he sent the photo, David wrote that "the spotters had a field phone so they could call into the Tech Center. 

It was rarely used except when they were fired upon one night and returned fire!  It appears that some

ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) were 'testing their weapons' without worrying where the bullets might go.  

One bullet did go through the  spotters' radio!"

​Click here for information/photos on the Car Bombing of AFVN on May 3, 1968.

Ambassador Hotel, 1966.  [Received from Al Merwitz in December 2013.]

Adrian Cronauer, SSgt, USAF (A1c at this time), 1965-66.

Kenneth K. "Ken" Kalish, GMG3, USN, hard at work.

Bill Altman giving the news in mid-1965.

[Photos received from by Bill Altman in February 2013.]

Chuck Bexley in January 1965.

[Photo received from by Bob Nelson, February 2013.]

Austin Cramer in January 1965. 

[Photo received from Bob Nelson, February 2013.]

Taken at the End of the First Year

          The short slide show (six photos) on the left were scanned from "The Observer" for July 5, 1963 and are of rather poor quality.  However, they are impor-

tant in that they show 10 of the 14 military personnel with the station in mid-1963.  This copy of "The Observer" was received from Jerry Masini, SP4, USA (1962--64).

         "Click Here to Start" to enter the slide show and then on the arrows on the right side of the photos as desired.  The photos do not move automatically.

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AFVN Main (Key) Station, Saigon

AM  50,000 watts              540 KHz

FM  100,000 watts        99.9 MHz

TV   240,000 watts        Channel 11

Titled "XMAS Saigon 1968"

AFRS Saigon First Anniversary, August 1963

Left to right: unknown, Lt. Donald Kirtley CO, Chief Bryant Arbuckle, Sgt Frank Montelone, unknown, Steve Sevits, unknown

​There is a good summary of the early years of the AFRS 

on the MACOI History page.  

It was written by 1LT Donald Kirtley,  USAF, the first OIC in 1962-63.

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LTC Ray Nash, OIC, AFVN, presenting the Joint Service Commendation Medal to SP5 David Gale at the Saigon Station in May 1969.

[Photo furnished by David Gale in February 2013.]

Video Quadruplex Equipment at the Saigon Station.  Received from Rick Fredericksen on September 11th, 2013. 

SSG Robert Vail, USA with Don Meredith (Dallas Cowboys), Dick Bass (Los Angeles Rams) and

Larry Wilson (St. Louis Cardinals), 1967.

A thank you letter from Don Meredith when his son, sent him a copy of this picture in 2002.

[Received from his son, Robert S. Vail, on June 22, 2014.]

SP5 James Clark, USA congratulating SP5 Gary Gears, USA after Gary received an award.  (May 1969)

SSG Robert Cordell, USA is standing in the center, back.

[Photo furnished by David Gale in February 2013.]

The Tech Center at the Main Station, Saigon.

This system housed leads to the transmitter as well as to the detachments, teletype equipment,

the Aussie news receiver, and the Follies (MACV Briefings) playback to AFRTS.

Photo furnished by David Gale in February 2013.

When he sent the photo, David wrote: "One night, AFRTS couldn't hear me.  The circuits were all down near the Philippines (cut cable I think).  So to get the follies to Washington, I called Washington on the telephone and fed them the feed.  Unfortunately the Hawaiian operator kept cutting in asking if we were through!  I kept telling them that this was a high priority feed and not to cut in!  I heard from Mr. Avery, the man in Washington, that the Pentagon wanted me to be disciplined due to the mess of the feed! 

It didn't happen!"