AFVN TOP 300 with Sgt Robert Ashworth

July 4th, 1970

Part 1 and 2  Total time approximately 44 minutes.

  • AFVN - Various Audio Clips1:00

AFVN 1968, 1967 & 1970

July 4th, 19xx

Received from Cameron Murray

Most of these are various air checks?  

AFVN Music from 1969 and 1971

   Dated:  September 4, 2020

    From:  James Treese

Subject:  AFVN Radio Recordings  1969 and 1971

​​I recently uploaded some recordings of AFVN Radio to I think they would be a great addition to this site. One set of recordings are top 20 countdowns from 1969 and the other group of recordings is part of the 48-hour Labor Day look at Rock N' Roll about 4 hours unscoped. I dubbed these from the original reel to reel tapes.

  • AFVN Pleiku Late Night16:09
  • AFVN Pleiku Late Night Part 214:42
  • AFVN Pleiku Late Night Part 313:25
  • AFVN Pleiku Late Night Part 414:13

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Audio  Archives - Page 3

  • Part 119:11
  • Part 224:19

There was an AFVN rule (understanding?) that officers were not supposed to appear on air.   However, Bruce evidently ignored this rule and made the program on the right.

It is in four parts and total approximately 
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