AFVN 1968, 1967 & 1970

July 4th, 19xx

Received from Cameron Murray

Most of these are various air checks?  

AFVN Music from 1969 and 1971

   Dated:  September 4, 2020

    From:  James Treese

Subject:  AFVN Radio Recordings  1969 and 1971

​​I recently uploaded some recordings of AFVN Radio to I think they would be a great addition to this site. One set of recordings are top 20 countdowns from 1969 and the other group of recordings is part of the 48-hour Labor Day look at Rock N' Roll about 4 hours unscoped. I dubbed these from the original reel to reel tapes.

Audio  Archives - Page 3

AFVN TOP 300 with Sgt Robert Ashworth

July 4th, 1970

Part 1 and 2  Total time approximately 44 minutes.

  • AFVN - Various Audio Clips1:00

  • Part 119:11
  • Part 224:19