"AFRTS Date with Chris"

One of Chris Noel's many programs for AFRTS. 

Twp parts, total time is about 55 minutes
Taped sometime in between 1965 and 1973.  

Town and Country

TSgt Donald Cotterell, USAF   1972-73

Taken, with permission from Bruce Wahl's, (1LT, USA) "AFVN" website.

Bruce's Comments:  This is an afternoon Country and Western show from Saigon.  If you want to hear some

of the country and western from back in Vietnam, here it is.

Two parts, total time is 30 minutes.

Thanks to TSgt Don Cotterell, USAF for sending in this piece.

  • Dawn Buster9:13
  • Dawn Buster10:11
  • Dawn Buster10:57
  • Dawn Buster12:59

A Date with Chris Noel 

1967 Radio Show but with Graphics

​​Approximately 9 minutes.

Pat Sajak on AFVN - 1968

This link goes to a 42-minute audio clip of a Dawn Buster program

located on the ARFTS Archive site maintained by Thomas Whetson.

Old Radio Programs -- Armed Forces Vietnam Network

This Includes a Section on AFVN.  Click on the "More Information" Button on the Old Radio Programs Site.

It is possible that Harry Simons wrote the paragraph about AFVN.

Click on any of the titles below the paragraph to hear the related audio.

[Taken from Facebook, October 2018.]

  • Australian Radio 1 16:19
  • Australian Radio 1 - Part 216:19
  • Australian Radio 1 - Part 315:33
  • Australian Radio 2 15:30
  • Australian Radio 2 - Part 216:17
  • Australian Radio 2 - Part 315:19

  • Dawn Buster 11:49
  • Dawn Buster - Part 212:06
  • Dawn Buster - Part 315:16

  • Date with Chris 13:04
  • Date with Chris - Part 214:01
  • Date with Chris - Part 313:44
  • Date with Chris - Part 414:27

End of An Era

Taken with permission from Bruce Wahl's, (1LT, USA) "AFVN" site.

Bruce's Comments: This is a capsule history of AFVN from Rex Hotel to #9 Hong Tap Tu. The Detachments are described, too,

as well as the devastating loss of the Hue Detachment during

Tet 1968.  Thanks to Don Cotterell for this one.

Dawn Buster

Taken with permission from Bruce Wahl's, (1LT, USA) "AFVN" site.

Bruce's Comments:This show was made famous in the movie "Good Morning Vietnam" starring Robin Williams,

who portrays Adrian Cronauer.

The show was hosted SP4 by John Allgood, USA.

Thanks to TSgt Don Cotterell, USAF for sending in this piece.

Three parts, total of 39+ minutes.

"Date with Chris"

One of Chris Noel's many programs for AFRTS. 

Four parts, total time is about 55 minutes.

Taped sometime in early 1969. 

AFRS Saigon Curfew Notice

November 2nd, 1963

[Received from Paul Kasper]

Audio  Archives - Page 2

  • Songs of War in Vietnam22:39

Songs of War in Vietnam

Ike Pappas, CBS Correspondent

Soldiers Compose and Perform Heroic Songs.

Two parts, total of 23+ minutes.

(c) 1968, used with permission of I. Pappas and CBS.

AFVN Radio News with SP4 Bruce Dadd on March 29th, 1969

[Posted on Facebook by Doug Jennings in June 2019.]

Public Service Announcements and Productions Sounds - 1973

Prepared by SP5 Bob Morecock, USA

Lube Your M-16, Your GI Bill, Amnesty for Drug Users, and many more.

Two parts, total of 18+ minutes.

The Go-Show by Scotty Brink - 1968

This was recorded by Dave Lyons, SP5, USA.

He was stationed at Tan Son Nhut and was evidently a regular AFVN Fan.

This recording consists of the second half of

an afternoon broadcast and the

first half of an evening broadcast.

The recording is in two parts totaling 53:42.

AFVN Vietnam Montage


Billy Williams  SP4, USA, Qui Nhon / Da Nang / Saigon   

Three parts, approximately 75 minutes in total.

Purple Grotto Jazz


Manny Harper  MSG, USA, Saigon 

Three parts, approximately 23 minutes in total.

Audio Clips from other Australian Army Programs

Broadcast on AFVN

Total length is approximately 90 minutes.

  • Interview of an AF Captain5:31

  • "Farewell" Program13:13

  • End of an Era (AFVN History)15:49

  • Chain of Command5:37

  • Sunrise in Saigon3:34

Interview of an AF Captain

Taken with permission from Bruce Wahl's, (1LT, USA) "AFVN" site.

Bruce's Comments: Several months ago on the list server, someone posted a transcript of the interview of an Air Force Captain's interview, as interpreted by a Public Affairs Officer.

Lou Waters provided a tape of the interview . It's a hoot!

John Hounslow's Farewell

Taken with permission from Bruce Wahl's, (1LT, USA)

"AFVN" site.
Bruce's Comments: John Hounslow's farewell news tape. Everyone was trying to break him up with "dummy scripts"

and other dastardly ploys. Pretty funny to listen to.

Thanks to John Hounslow for this one.

The Chain of Command

(Not permitted on the air.)

TSgt Donald Cotterell, USAF

  • Year in the Life of Man 113:13
  • Year in the Life of Man 216:17
  • Year in the Life of Man 315:29
  • Year in the Life of Man 49:38

  • AFVN Vietnam Montage25:57
  • AFVN Vietnam Montage22:50
  • AFVN Vietnam Montage18:43

  • Public Service Announcements, Etc.18:49

RADIO FIRST TERMER - Dave Rabbit Vietnam Radio, Parts 1 to 4

AFVN'S Competition?

This is was a "pirate radio station" which played songs and had commentary not allowed on AFVN.

It lasted only 21 days.  They shut down to avoid being caught and possibly court-martialed.


Prepared and submitted by Paul Kasper, November 2019

This above is how my parents sent me the Lawrence Weolk Show in the 1960s.

They loved it but didn't realize  that I didn't care that much for it. 

Jim White       

  • Purple Grotto Jazz Part 17:00
  • Purple Grotto Jazz Part 211:58
  • Purple Grotto Jazz Part 34:24

1968 A.D.- A Year In The Life Of Man

Taken with permission from Bruce Wahl's, (1LT, USA) "AFVN" site.

Bruce's Comments: This is an end of the year news documentary highlighting the year 1968.  It is introduced by since deceased Garry W. Gears. It full of information about 1968. 

Four parts, approximately 55 minutes in total.

  • Orient Express24:22

  • AFRS Curfew Notice0:44

Sunrise in Saigon - Garry Brill's Last Show
Garry Brill  SP5, USA   1969-70

  My Rotary Club asked me (for Veterans Day) to give a talk

  about my radio days in Vietnam.  As a side note:  When I

  arrived in Saigon, there was no room (job slot, not BEQ?)

  for me...and I was put on "hold" until they decided where to

  send me up-country.  I was in Saigon for a week and while

  there, came up with an idea.  FM was fully automated except

  for the morning show, which was on both AM and FM. 

  Somehow, I convinced the brass to do a morning show on

  FM, playing Sinatra, Mathis, Percy Faith, Kirby Stone 4.... 

  The show was called SUNRISE IN SAIGON and on FM from 6

  am (after the news) until 9 am.   This morning, while prepar-  

   ing for my talk to the Rotary Club and going through some

  old tapes, I found how I said good-bye and closed my final

   show....  Thought that I would share it with all of you.

                                                               GarryB  November 8, 2012

  • HIstory of Veterans Day12:49

  • Town and Country - Part 114:28
  • Town and Country - Part 215:20

  • The Go-Show26:00
  • The Go-Show27:42

Orient Express 

February 1969

Paul Bottoms, SP5, USA  Chu Lai / Saigon  1968-70

Two parts, approximately 23 minutes in total.


If you have a problem playing 

the audio on the above site,

then use this audio link.

AFVN Radio from Hon Tre (Det 4, Nha Trang) in 1970

This link goes to four sound tracks from that era.

[Prepared and posted by Steven Smith in July 2017.]

  • AFRTS Date with Chris - 127:07
  • AFRTS Date With Chris - 227:49

Veterans Day Program - 1965
Ernest T. "Bill" Altman   SSG, USA  Saigon (1964-65) 
Adrian J. Cronauer, SSgt USAF  (1965--66)​

[The following was written by Bill Altman

when he submitted this program. Webmaster]

        Attached is an MP3 file that I hope you will add to our audio archives file on the AFVN Vets website.  The entire file is 12 minutes and 49 seconds in length and 9.21 MB in size.  The major portion of this is a 10 minute program that Ade Cronauer and I wrote, narrated and produced about the history of Veterans Day. The program was broadcast by AFRS Saigon twice on Veterans Day 1965.  Apparently the first time it played, General Westmoreland did not hear it. We received a call at the station from one of his aides asking that we play it again…so we did.
        I found this tape among some taped memories and added a brief narration and close explaining the back story about the program.  I hope you feel this is an appropriate addition to our AFVNVETS website. Please let me know if you do add it to the archives.
                                                                                  Bill Altman