​​Oath of Enlistment

This is the Regular Army version.  The Draftee and other versions are very similar and are available on the internet.

[Posted on Facebook by Dick Ellis on June 5, 2019.]

Official End of Vietnam War - May 7, 1975

[Posted on Facebook in May 2019.] 

Online Military Exchange Shopping - Veterans Can Register

[Received from John Kafka in June 2017.]

Planning Your Legacy

VA Survivors and Burial Benefits Kit (as of April 2018)

Additional Links

Apply for VA Survivor Benefits

Form 21-686c



(The) Pentagon --The First Fifty Years

A 220 page PDF illustrated by Alfred Goldberg book giving the story of the Pentagon.

[Received from Mike McNally in January 2017.]

Appendix taken from the above showing the Size of Our Armed Forces from 1939 to 1990

Private Military Museum

A Private Collection of Military Artifacts Located in Colorado Springs, CO.

[Received from Marc Yablonka in January 2021.]

"Welcome Home" Vietnam Veterans Parade in White Settlement, Texas

August 1, 2015

Yesterday, we had a "welcome home" for Vietnam Veterans in White Settlement (appropriately, at Veterans Park).  

The temp exceeded 100 but, probably due to the liberal dispensing of ice water, I saw no one collapse.  

Needless to say, almost everyone in attendance was rather old.  The Vietnamese community was heavily represented,.

Speakers were predictably long-winded; the Texas Vietnamese press did many interviews.

Many groups and businesses had a presence. All in all, it was both interesting and enjoyable.

Ron Turner           

Radio Around the World

Links to a Number of Commercial Stations throughout the World

[Received from Dick Ellis in December 2018]

(The) Smothers Brothers: Laughing at Hard Truths

New York Times article on the "Smothers Brothers" TV program and censorship during the Vietnam War

[Received from RIck Fredericksen.]

February 2017​​

Navy "All Hands" dated December 1945

While this is about as far away from AFVN as one can get, it is of great historical importance--particularly if you have an interest in History, Naval History or World War Two History.  

Note:  Large file -- may be a little slow in coming up.

[Received from Marc Yablonka in March 2019.]

​​​(US) Navy in 1896

Slide show of life aboard the USS Brooklyn

August 2016

N to Z

​​ Taiwan R&R

[Received from Jim Anderson.]       

A Youtube video about taking R&R's out of South Vietnam, and particularly to Taiwan (even though the titles says "Thailand"). 

[A "win some, lose some" situation: Rick Fredericksen, having worked in Thailand, was disappointed.  

Jim White, who served in Taiwan after leaving Vietnam, was happy to learn that the title was wrong.]​

Stars and Stripes' 75 Years in the Pacific (A Look Back at)

By Joseph Ditzler and Wyatt Olson | Stars and Stripes

May 2020

Stars and Stripes Special on "Heroes"

Those who have received the Bronze Star with "V" or higher medal for valor.

[Submitted by Jim White]

(The Story of a) Vietnamese Immigrant

A Speech by Quang Nguyen who immigrated to the U.S. at age 13 in 1975.

[Received from Joe Ciokon on September 11, 2014]​

(The) Story of the Stars and Stripes - 1960

A two-part story of the Stars and Stripes from "The Big Picture" series of television programs produced by the U.S. Army. 

Part 1              Part 2

(Each approximately 14 minutes long.)​​

The U.S. Army's Hidden Treasure Room

A view of the U.S. Army's Fort Belvoir warehouse of a variety of historical items. 

[Link received from Jim Anderson]

Vietnam Community in Houston Honor Vietnam Veterans

[Submitted by Bob Morecook in December 2013.]

The RVN flag is displayed heroically in Houston, behind statues of US and VN soldiers advancing in battle,

side by side, as brothers.  Here is a short video about a welcome home parade the Vietnamese

community held in honor of Vietnam veterans. All of those present were draped with flowers by pretty

young girls in ao dais while a US Navy officer saluted.  A US Army reserve officer was supposed

to take the salute at the parade but was not able to attend, so I got to do the honors.  ​


[Received from Mike McNally.]

        Some AFVN members may have also been stationed in, or perhaps at least took an R&R to Taiwan.  At the above link there are further links to several pamphlets in PDF format which pertain to the US military in Taiwan in the 1960s and 1970s.  In the first paragraph of the blog there is a "Taiwan Report" from the 1960s.  A  little below that there is a link to a "Taiwan Report" from 1973.  Either or both reports may be downloaded.

Further Afield

Some Old-Time Radio

Received from Paul Kasper, November 2019.​

USS Constitution in 1799

[Received from Mike Jackson in June 2019.]

Veterans Administration Benefits

Goes to the "As We Grow Older--VA Benefits" website

Veterans Administration and CVS

Some VA medical care is being farmed out to CVS Caremark and CVS Minute Clincs

[Received from Steve Sevits in April 2017.]

Veterans Administration Planning to Update its Computer System

Wants to make it compatible with the DOD System

[Received from John Kafka, June 2017.]

Veterans Administration "Pre-Need Determination for Eligibility for Burial in a VA National Cemetery" Application Form

This form can be downloaded and completed on your computer.  It includes information on where to email the form as well as more detailed information regarding eligibility, etc.

[Received from Steve Sevits in December 2016.]

Veterans Administration - Welcome to VA  "Let's Get Started

General Information on What the VA Offers Former Members of the US Forces

Veterans Administration - Federal Benefits 

for Veterans, Dependents, and Survivors

Vietnam Veterans,  Educational and Other Links for 
Primarily related to Veterans returning to school.
Received from Adam Evans in December 2020.]

Ronald Reagan Quote

Location Unknown

[Received from Dick Ellis, May 14, 2020]

You Can Tell You are or were Military...

December 18, 2018

Obvious Signs You are or were in the Military.

[Received from Dick Ellis.]

World War Two Patriotic Postcards

July 2019

Ten postcards designed to get people behind the war effort during World War Two.

[Received from somebody, but I am not sure who it was.]

(The) Story of AFKN in its Early Days - 1946

This is on Thom Whetston's Blog. Scroll down to WVTP Seoul 1946 (Map of Japan and Korea).

[Submitted by Jim White in August, 2018.]​​

"Soldier for Life" Website

Home on the Internet for Army Retirees

This goes to a article about the Army's "Soldier for Life" website.

Click here for an article on the transition.

World War Two, Interesting Facts

September 9, 2016

Not our war, but the war of our fathers.

[Received from Mike Jackson.]

Service Records, Requesting 

Please go to this site to request military service records online, by mail, or by fax. 

​(Includes DD 214/Separation Documents, Personnel Records, Replacement Medals and/or Medical Records.)

[Received from Mike Jackson]