Alphabetical Index by Year(s) with AFVN - 1973

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Much of the equipment from the deactivated stations turned over to the South Vietnam Government

between January and March, 1973.

AFVN makes its last broadcast from the Saigon Main Station was made on March 22, 1973.

American Radio Service (ARS) continues broadcasting on FM only from the former AFVN Saigon Station beginning in March 1973.

Alphabetical Index by Year(s) with AFVN - 1973

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1962   1962-63   1963   1963-64   1964   1964-65   1965   1965-66   1966​   1966-67   1967   1967-68

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​​​Saigon Main Station

Allgood, John D.  SP4, USA  Broadast Operations, Saigon  (72-73)   BIO   TAPS
Ashley, Stephen C.  SP4, USA  Admin, Saigon  (72-73)   BIO

Bensman, Robert L.  SP4, USA  Audio Engr, Saigon  (72-73)   BIO

Bowles, James E  SP5, USA  Engineer, Saigon  (72-73)

Brigham, James L.  SP5, USA  Broadcasting Operations, Saigon  (72-73)

​Brown, Dale A.  SP4, USA  Admin, Saigon  (72-73)

Buffington,  Charles M. "Mike"  SFC, USA  Radio  Quang Tri  (69-70)  Saigon  (72-73)   BIO

​Burris, Richard C.  SFC, USA  Admin, Saigon  (72-73)

Cornwell, Brett D  SP4, USA  Cameraman  Saigon  (72-73)   BIO

 Cotterell, Donald  TSgt, USAF  Radio  Saigon  (72-73)    BIO    TAPS

Couch, Kenneth E.  PH1, USN  Photographer, Saigon  (72-73)   BIO   TAPS

Cross, Kenneth P.  SFC, USA  Supply, Saigon  (72-73)

​Dixon, Gerry L.  SSG, USA  Supply, Saigon  (72-73)

Dotson, Douglas K.  SP4, USA  Cameraman, Saigon  (72-73)   BIO

Fowlston, Tom  SP4, USA  Broadcaster, Saigon  (72-73)   BIO​

Gleisberg, Edward W., Jr.  CMSgt, USAF  Saigon  (72-73)   BIO   TAPS

Green, Edward J. "Joe"  SP5, USA  MACV  72--73
Joe was never assigned to AFVN but was with the MACV Mail and Distribution Center. 

Gunderson, Gary  JO2, USN  News Director, Saigon  (72-73)   BIO

Harper, Dennis L.  CPO, USN  Graphics Artist, Saigon  (72-73)   BIO   TAPS
Harper, Emanuel F. "Manny"  MSG, USA, News NCO, Saigon  (72-73)   BIO   TAPS
Huser, Joseph M.  SP4, USA  Radio, Saigon  (72-73)   BIO

Hutchinson, Harold  E.  LTC, USA  Network OIC  (72-73)   BIO​​

Kumm, Michael,  Sgt, USAF  Broadcaster, Saigon  (72-73)   BIO

Lanford, Charles R. "Chuck"  MSgt, USAF  TV Director, Saigon  (72-73)   BIO   TAPS

Liston, Linda L.  A1C, USAF  Music Librarian, News, DJ, Saigon (72-73)   BIO
(Married name: Katalenich from 1973 to 1986)

McKinney, Eugene R.  1Lt, USA  Network News OIC, Saigon  (72-73)   BIO

​Morecook, Robert C.  SP5, USA  News, Saigon  (72-73)

O'Donnell, Jim   Saigon  (72-73)

Rhamy, Donald F.  JOC, USN  Producer, Saigon  (72-73)   BIO

Visser, Seibrew H. B.  CW2, USA, Saigon  (72-73)   BIO    TAPS

Wallace, John M.  CPT, USA  Admin Officer, Saigon (72-73)

​Waller, Samuel E.  CW4, USA  Supply Officer, Saigon  (72-73)

​Winger, Donald E,  1SG, USA  Admin, Saigon  (72-73)

Det 2, Da Nang

Bell, Burt  MSgt, USAF  NCOIC, Da Nang  (72-73)

Bradish, Gale  SSgt, USAF  Radio, Da Nang  (72-73)   BIO

​Dennis, Lee  SP5, USA  Engineer, Da Nang  (72-73)

​Dillon, Robert  SP4, USA  TV Engr, Da Nang   (72-73)   BIO

Fechter. David  Sgt. USAF  Engineer, Da Nang  (72-73)   BIO   TAPS

​Henderson, James E.  CPT, USA  Da Nang  OIC  (72-73)

​McNamara, John  SP5, USA  Chief Engineer, Da Nang  (72-73)

Rowe, David J.  Sgt, USAF  Radio, Da Nang  (72-73)   BIO

Det 4, Nha Trang / Hon Tre

Armstrong, Barry  SP4, USA  (72-73)   BIO    TAPS

​Claros, AL  Sgt, USAF  NCOIC  Nha Trang  (72-73)   BIO​

Location Unknown

Kearney, William M. "Mike"  SP5, USA  (70-73)

​Mathews, Jim  Sgt, USAF  Radio  (72-73)

​Ryan, John E.  SP4. USA   (71-73)