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Babcock, Michael D. "Mike"  SP5, USA  Saigon / Tuy Hoa / Qui Nhon  (66-68)   TET

Bagwell, John F.  SP5, USA  Hue  (67-68)   BIO   TET

Bailey, Charles H. Jr.  SP4, USA  TV Equip. Maint. Engr., Pleiku  (67-68)   TET

Bailey, Marvin  G.  SP5, USA  Engineering, Saigon (70-71)

Baker, Adam C. Jr.  CW4, USA  (69)

Baldridge, Paul D.  SP5, USA  Announcer  (68-69)    BIO

Bales, Russell Duane  Sgt, USMC  Cameraman  (69)   BIO

Ballou, DeForest III  LTC, USA  Network OIC, Saigon  (66)   BIO    TAPS

Bamford. Clifford E.  TSgt, USAF  Engineering, Saigon  (68)

Banks, Raymond  MSG, USA  Radio NCOIC  (69-70)

Banks, Ronald L.  SP4, USA  (70-71)

Banks , Steven R.  SP4, USA  (70-71)   TAPS

Barclay, Andrew   MSG, USA  Qui Nhon / Can Tho   (72)

Barnes, Alvin  SGM, USA  (65-66)

Barnes, Del  SPC, USA  (66-67)

Barnett, Art   Sgt, USAF  (69-70)

Bartlett, Ronald C.  SP4, USA  TV Director, Saigon  (69-70)   BIO

Basler, John  SP5, USA  Engineering, Saigon  (70-72)

Bates, Tom   Sgt, USMC  (69)

Batty, Bob  SSgt, USAF  News, Qui Nhon  (69)

Battison, Rick  SP5, USA  (71-72)

Baily, Marvin  PFC, USA  Engineering, Saigon  (70-72)

Baxter, James D. "Dan"  SP5, USA  New, Saigon  (67-68)   TET

Beale, Jerry  PFC, USA  Da Nang  (66)

Beamer, James  SP4, USA  Pleiku  (69)

Beard, James T.  SP5, USA  Radio, Saigon  (67-68)   TET

Beasley, Wilber D.  SSG, USA

Bechtel, Dennis  SGT, USA  (69-70)   KLIK

Bednar, Richard O. "Rick"  SP5, USA  (68-69)  BIO

Beebe, Bruce  CPT, USA  OIC, Chu Lai  (69-70)   BIO

Beebe, Tommy  SP4, USA  Can Tho  (72)

Beemer, John  SSG, USA  Da Nang  (69?)

Beitch, Morrie P.  SP4,USA  Saigon / Tuy Hoa  (68-69)   BIO

Bell, Burt  MSgt, USAF  NCOIC, Da Nang  (72-73)

Bellamy, Steve  SP4, USA  Qui Nhon  (69-70)   BIO

Belot, Henry G.  SP4, USA  Audio Specialist, Tuy Hoa  (67-68)   TET

Bemus, James C.  SN, USN  Engineering, Saigon  (68)   TET

Benavente, Ed  GySgt, USMC  (69)

Bender, Richard  SP5, USA  (69)

Benedict. Lawrence  TSgt, USAF  Radio Engineer, Bui Vien  (67-68)   TET

Benintende, Charles Thomas "Tom"  SP5, USA  (69-70)   BIO

Bennett, Wayne  AFRTS?  (Never assigned to AFVN)

Benson, Tom

Bensman, Robert L.  SP4, USA  Audio Engr, Saigon  (72-73)

Berard, Dan  USA  (67-68)   KLIK

Berg. John R.  SP4, USA  Nha Trang (67-68)   TET

Berggren, D.   E-6   (72)

Bergmier, ?  SP5, USA  Supply, Saigon  (70-71)

Berkowitcz (Berkowitz)   MSG, USA  (66-67)

Berlin, Peter B.  1LT, USA  OIC, Quang Tri  (69)   BIO

Bernstein, Bennett  Major, USA  Chief, TV / Network News OIC, Saigon  (67-68)   BIO

Bernstein, Harvey  SP5, USA  Admin, Saigon  (69-70)  BIO

Berry, Bob  SSG, USA  Saigon  (69-70)

Berry, Ron  SP4, USA  (68-69)

Bertsch, Charles D. Jr.  SP5, USA  Announcer, Pleiku  (67-68)   TET

Biever, ??  SGT, USA  Nha Trang / Saigon

Beveridge, Gregory  SP5, USA  (69)

Bieren, George  TSgt, USAF  (69)

Birdsong, Bob  SPC, USA  Saigon  (70)

Bixley, Chuck  SFC, USA  Sports Director, Saigon (64-65)

Black, James H.  SP4, USA  Hon Tre  (68-69)   BIO

Black, Reed  W.  SP4, USA  News, Saigon  (70)   BIO

Blackburn, Bruce  SP4, USA  Production, Saigon  (70-72)

Blake, Mike  SP4, USA  Nha Trang  (69)   BIO

Blessington, William   TAPS

Blosser, Victor L.  Sgt, USMC  Transmitter Maint. Tech., Nha Trang  (67-68)

Blum, Paul J.  CW3, USA  Supply Officer, Saigon  (69-70)   TAPS

Blumel, William (Bill)  SP5, USA  Engineer, Qui Nhon / Dong Ba Thin (Hon Tre)  (70-71)

Blunt, Erich S.  "Shelley"  MSgt, USAF  (66-67)    TAPS

Bodine, Clark "Wayne"  USAF

Bodle, Robert J. "Bob"  PFC, USA  Supply, Saigon  (71-72)

Bodle, Timothy L.  SP5, USA  Engineer, Hon Tre  (69-70)  /  Da Nang  (71-72)

Tim also served a tour with the 1st Inf Div in 1967-68 and then worked for

the Federal Electric Corporation from February to November 1972.

Bolduc, G.  (Whitey)  SP5, USA  Qui Nhon  (70-71)

Bond, Richard  Announcer/ DJ/News, Saigon  (62-63)

Borland, Arthur K.  RM1, USN  Saigon / Qui Nhon [Pleiku?]  (68-69)   BIO   TAPS

Bottoms, Paul  SP5, USA  Chu Lai / Saigon  (68-70)   BIO   TAPS

Boucher, Mike  SPC, USA  Pleiku (68)

Bowen, Ray  SSgt, USAF  Engineer  Tuy Hoa  (68-69)

Barry was assigned to the 1st Logistics Command and volunteered to work part-time with AFVN.

Bowers, Bud  SFC, USA  (72)

Bowles, James E  SP5, USA  Engineer, Saigon  (72-73)

Bowles, John L. SP5 USA

Bozarth, William F. "Bill"  1LT, USA  Network TV OIC, Saigon / OIC, Nha Trang  - Dong Ba Thin  (68-69)   BIO

Bramble, Michael  (68)

Brandish, Gale  SSgt, USAF  Radio, Da Nang  (72-73)

Brandl, Sigmund   SP5, USA  (69)

Brandt, Forrest  1LT, USA  IO, 1st Div  (68-69)   BIO   KLIK

[Did a weekly show on the BRO on AFVN.]

Brannon, John J.  SSG, USA  Transmitter Maint. Tech., Pleiku  (67-68)   TET

Brehm, Barry Lee  ETR-2, USN  Engineer, Saigon  (70-71)   TAPS

Brereton, Dan  SSgt, USMC  (68-69)   TAPS

Brice, Rutherford V. "Jack"  SFC, USA  Chief Announcer, Saigon  (62-64)   BIO   TAPS

Brigham, James L.  SP5, USA  Broadcasting Operations, Saigon  (72-73)

Brill, Garry  SP5, USA  Radio, Saigon   (69-70)   BIO

Brink, Donald L. "Scotty"  SP4, USA  Radio, Saigon  (67-68)   BIO   TET

Brinson, Billy  SFC, USA  NCOIC, Pleiku / Saigon  (70)

Brinson, Frank  SSG, USA  Cameraman, Pleiku  (67-68)

Britt, Ken  SP4, USA  Da Nang  (70-71)

Brooks, Ralph "Toney"  SP5, USA  Saigon  (68-69)   BIO

Brooks, Richard  SP5, USA  Pleiku  (68-69)   BIO   TET

Brossia, Robert L. "Bob"  SP5, USA  Production, Saigon  (70)   BIO

Brower, Barry  SP5, USA  Nha Trang / Hon Tre  (69-70)   BIO

Barry was assigned to the 1st Logistics Command and volunteered to work part-time with AFVN.

Brown, Chuck, CPO, USN  Pleiku  (66-67)

Brown, Dale A.  SP4, USA  Admin, Saigon  (72-73)

Brown, Larry  Lt   Chu Lai  (69)

Brown, Marshall "Mark"  USAF  Phu Cat 

[Was assigned to AFTN-NKP (Thailand) in 67-68 and 73-74.  Also TDY to AFVN, Saigon for orientation

and did a few one-hour, late-night, weekend shows for AFVN (Det 5, Hue?) while TDY to Phu Cat.]

[See his Photos & Stories page]

Brown, Ralph W.  SP4, USA  Engineer  Da Nang  (71-72)

Brown, Wiliam F. "Bill"  SP4, USA  Sportscaster / Announcer  (71)   BIO 

Bryant, Joe  SP5, USA  Admin, Saigon  (69-70)

Bubniak, Bob  CPT, USA

Bucher, Kenneth A.  SK1, USN  Supply, Saigon  (70-71)   BIO

Bucher, Wayne B.  PO3, USN  Electrician, Engineering  (68)   TET

Buck, William E. "Buck"  SSgt, USMC  Saigon / Da Nang / Pleiku  (69-70)   TAPS

Buehler, Michael C.  SP5, USA  (71-72)

Note: Taken from MACV SO 344. dated December 10, 1971 on Seperate Rations. however due to

an "overwrite" only the letters "B??HLR" are legible.

Buffington,  Charles M. "Mike"  SFC, USA  Quang Tri  (69-70)  Saigon  (72-73)   BIO

Bull, Thomas A.  SGT, USA  Tuy Hoa  (69)

Bull, Thomas A.  A1C, USAF  (69-70)

Burcker,  Ronald W.  PFC, USA  Engineering, Saigon  (68)   TET
Burford, Robert D. "Dutch"  SP5, USA  Saigon  (68-69)   BIO

Burg, John  (67-68)

Burgess, Paul J.  SP4, USA   Da Nang  (69)

Burgrabe, Donald  Capt. USAF  Temp OIC  (62)  OIC, Saigon  (62-63)

Burgett, Ken  MSgt, USAF  (72)

Burke, Francis K. "Frank"  SSgt, USMC  FM-Saigon  (67-68)   BIO

Burnett, Art  SSgt, USAF   News, Saigon  (69-71)

Burner, Leo M.  SFC, USA  Transmittter Maint. Tech., Saigon  (67-68)   TET

Burnette, Roy W.  Cpl, USMC  Da Nang  (70-71)   BIO

Burns, Donald S.  SP5, USA  Announcer, Saigon  (68-69)   BIO

Burnside, James W. "Jim"  SP5, USA  Announcer, Saigon  (67-68)   BIO   TET

Burris, Richard C.  SFC, USA  Admin, Saigon  (72-73)

Busser, Don  SP5, USA  (63-64)   BIO

Butts, Robert  SP5, USA  Qui Nhon  (69)

Bynog, Richard  SP4, USA  (69)