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Pabon, Dan  SP5, USA  DJ  (70-71)   BIO

Pace, B.  MSG, USA

Packer, Lynn K.  SP4, USA  Quang Tri  (69-70)   BIO

Palladino, Nicholas  SSG, USA  Announcer, Saigon  (69-70)   BIO   TET   TAPS

Palmer, Chris  SGT, USA  (68-69)  KLIK

Papcun, John J.  Sgt, USAF  Announcer, Da Nang  (67-68)   TET

Pappas, Paul  Sgt, USMC

Papworth, Phil  1Lt, USA  OIC, Qui Nhon  (69)

Parlor, Carroll  Sgt, USMC  Quang Tri  (68-69)   TAPS

Parrott, William  SSG, USA  Chu Lai / Saigon  (69)

Passero, Vince  USA,  (67-68)  KLIK

Pauli, James M.  CW4, USA  Supply Officer, Saigon  (67-68)   TET   TAPS

Pauli, John T. "Jack"  1LT, USA  Temp Ass't OIC, Saigon  (62-63)   BIO

Pease, Chris, SP5, USA  (72)

Pease, Charles F.  SSgt, USAF  Admin, Saigon  (67-69)

Pease, Charles R,  SSgt, USAF  (69-70)

Note:  The two names just above may be confused and they could possibly be the same person.

The first "Pease" ("Charles F.") is on the 1968 AFVB Roster.

Any further information should be sent to the Webmaster.

Pease, Christopher J.  SP5, USA  (71-72)

Peckham, Charles J. Jr.  MSG, USA  TV Equipment Engineer, Saigon  (67-68)   TET

Pennington, Troy D.  Cpl, USMC  News, Saigon  (70-71)  BIO

Pepper, William D.  PO1, USN  Engineering, Cat Lo  (67-68)

Perry, Stephen L.  ET2, USN  Engineer

Peters, Donald C., Jr. "Don"  1LT, USA [Signal Corps]  OIC, Qui Nhon / OIC, Hon Tre / Saigon  (70-71)   BIO

Peterson, Kim R.  Cpl, USMC  News / Sports  (68-69)   BIO

Peterson, Neil  SP4,  Qui Nhon  (68-69)

Peterson, Thomas W. "Tom"  SP4, USA  (72)   BIO

Pewter, Jim  AFRTS  (Never assigned to AFVN)

Phieffer, Peter M.  SP5, USA  Engineering, Saigon / Quang Tri (68-69)   TET

Phifer, Ronnie G.  PO1, USN  Radioman, Pleiku  (67-68)

Phillips, George  PFC, USA  Tuy Hoa  (69)

Piava, Larry  Sgt, USAF  (70-71)

Piech, Joseph J.  SP5, USA  Announcer, Da Nang  (67-68)   TET

Pierce, Lewis "Steve"  SP5, USA  Pleiku  (69)

Pigg, Tony  AFRTS?  (Never assigned to AFVN)

Pinkette, Paige   USA  (67-68)   KLIK

Pinkstaff, Traver W.  MSG, USA  (67-68)   BIO   TAPS

Pitman, Dale  JO1, USN  (69-70)

Pitts, Michael G.  Capt, USMC  OIC, Da Nang / Network News OIC, Saigon  (69-70)   BIO    TAPS

Pitzer, Scott  USN, OIC, Radio  (69-70)

Plaster, Henry  SP4, USA  Qui Nhon  (69)

Pletsch, Heinz  SP5, USA  (69)

Polick, Melvin  Capt, USAF  Network News OIC, Saigon  (69)

Pollock, Woodrow W. Jr.  Sgt, USMC  Video Operator, Tuy Hoa  (67-68)   TET

Pompa, Richard J. "Dick"

Ponte, Anthony L.  Sgt, USAF  TV Equipment Maintenance Engineer, Saigon  (67-68)

Porter, ??  LT

Portman, Bill   PM1, USN  Photographer, Saigon  (70-71)

Powers, Bernard "Bud"  SFC, USA  Chief Engineer, Pleiku  (70)

Powers, Ed  Civilian  (Alternate Engineer) 

[Was with American Services Radio (ASR) from March 1973 to April 1975.]

Prestel, Gerald  SP5, USA  Television Engineer, Quang Tri, (70-71)

Price, Francis K., Jr. "Frank"  LTC, USA  Network OIC, Saigon  (70-71)   BIO   TAPS

Price, Robert W.  SP4, USA  Announcer, Saigon  (67-68)   BIO   TET

Price, William  SP5, USA  Da Nang / Saigon  (69-70)

Price, William A.  PFC, USA  TV Production, Saigon  (67-68)   TET

Profeta, Raymond  SP5, USA  (68-69)    TAPS

Prosser, Craig  SP5, USA  News, Saigon  (63-64)   BIO

Provence, Phillip D.  SSG, USA  Engineering, Qui Nhon / Pleiku  (71-72)

Pruis, Alfred L.  SP5, USA  Admin, Saigon  (71-72)   BIO

Psak, Jim   JO, USN  (70)   BIO   TAPS

Pulse, Fred  SP5, USA  (71-72)