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Waddell, Edward D.  SGM, USA  (68-69)   BIO    TAPS

Wade, Thomas J.  Sgt, USAF  Video Operator, Saigon  (67-68)   TET

Wagonner, Robert  MSgt, USAF  NCOIC, Da Nang  (69?)

Wagner, Stuart "Smokey"  SP4, USA   Admin, Saigon  (71-72)

Wahl, Bruce A.  1LT, USA [Infantry]  OIC, Pleiku  (70)   BIO

Wallace, John M.  CPT, USA  Admin Officer, Saigon (72-73)

Waller, Samuel E.  CW4, USA  Supply Officer, Saigon  (72-73)

Wallick, Roland  ET1, USN  BLUE   TAPS

Ward, Jim  Sgt

Ward, Manus P.  SFC, USA  Broadcast Specialist, Pleiku  (67-68)

Ward, Mike  SFC, USA  NCOIC, Qui Nhon / Hon Tre  (70-71)

Warde, George  MSG, USA  NCOIC, Nha Trang  (69-70)

Warner, Nancy (Nee Caracciolo)   Red Cross Volunteer DJ,  Da Nang  (69-70)   BIO

Warren, Bill  USN  (69)

Warrior, Kenneth T.  SSgt, USMC  Broadcast Specialist, Da Nang  (68)   TET    TAPS    (BIO Pending)

Washington, Carl A.  SP4, USA  Supply, Saigon  (67-68)   TET

Wasylink, Walter  SSgt, USMC  (69-70)

Waters, Louis A., Jr.  SP5, USA  Saigon / Pleiku  (68-69)   BIO

Watson, Tom  "Jimmy" / "Tommy"  SP5, USA  (69-70)  BIO

Watt, Jim

Watts. Holley  Red Cross Donut Dolly  Da Nang / Chu Lai / An Khe / Cu Chi  (66-67)

Webb, Jerry E.  CPT, USA  Saigon / Da Nang  (71-72)   BIO

Weber, Nelson  SP5, USA  (70-71)

Webster, Tony E.  RM2, USN  Quang Tri / Saigon  (69-70)   BIO

Weed, Gene  AFRTS  (Never assigned to AFVN)

Weeks, Alfred F.  SFC, USA  TV Maintenance, Da Nang  (67-68)

Welch, William H.  CPT, USA  (70-71)

Weiner, Gerry  SSG, USA  (70-71)

Weller, Edie  (Volunteer) Receptionist  [Girl Friday to the OIC]  Saigon  (70-71)

Wells, Stephen  SP5, USA  Cat Lo  (69)

Wentz, James E. "Gene"  LCDR, USN  Deputy Network OIC / Network News OIC, Saigon (69-70)   BIO

Werges, Richard W. "Dick" or "Rick"  SP4, USA  Radio, Saigon  (64)   BIO

West, Harold "Harry"  SFC, USA  NCOIC Engineering (TV Section)  (71)   TAPS

West, Paul M.  SP5, USA  Qui Nhon  (69)

Wetje, Earl

Whitcomb, Stuart  SP4, USA  (70-71)

White, Charles "Chuck"  Hon Tre  (69/70)

White, Donald E., Jr.  SSgt, USAF  News, Saigon  (71)   BIO

White, Gregory  SP5, USA  (69)

White, James D. (Jim)  MSG, USA  Admin NCO, Saigon  (70-71)   BIO

White, Richard M.  SP4, USA  (69)

White, Tony  (69-70)

Whitmore, Steve

Wilder, ??  1LT  Quang Tri  (68)

Wilford, Robert "Bob" L.  Sgt, USMC  Pleiku  Hon Tre  (69-70)    STORIES

Wilkins, Wesley, S.  SP5, USA  Equipment Maintenance Engineer, Saigon  (67/68)   TET

Williams, Billy F.  SP4, USA  Qui Nhon / Da Nang / Saigon  (71-72)   BIO    HISTORY (3)

Williams, Brian J.  SP5, USA  (69-70)

Williams, Cedric H. "El Sid"  SSgt, USAF  Qui Nhon / Nha Trang / Pleiku  (67)   BIO

Williams, Doug  1LT  (68)

Williams, Earnst  TSgt, USAF  (69)

Williams, Eric  Pleiku  (70)

Williams, Milton "Bob"  DM1, USN  (68-69)   TAPS

Williams, Ray  TSgt, USAF  (68-69)

Williams, Robin  Comedian and Actor  (Honorary)    TAPS

In the movie, "Good Morning, Vietnam," Robin Williams played the part of SSgt Adrian Cronauer, USAF, who was with

AFVN in 1965-66.  The movie,  made in 1987, was a big hit and put AFVN "on the map of the American consciousness."

Adrian was the host of the Dawnbuster morning show and his signature opening--a long, drawn out

"Good Morning, Vietnam"--was very well known among the GIs in VIetnam.

Williams, Rowdy L.  Capt , USAF  Network News OIC, Saigon  (69-70)   BIO

Williamson, John B.  SSG, USA  Admin, Saigon  (67-68)   TET

Williamson, Steven U.  SP5, USA  (71-72)

Wilson, Douglas  1LT  OIC, Quang Tri  (68-69)

Wilson, Roger  SSG, USA  (69)

Wilson, Richard D.  SSG, USA  (71-72)

Wilson, William R.  JO1, USN  Da Nang  (68-69)    BIO   TAPS (KIA)

Wiltsie, Steve  1LT, USA  OIC, Quang Tri / Saigon  (70-71)   BIO

Winger, Donald E,  1SG, USA  (72-73)

Wingo, George    Da Nang  (70-71)

Winsby, James  RMC, USN  (69)

Wirth, H. Richard "Dick"  SP5, USA  (70)   BIO

Wise, Russ  2LT, USA  Chu Lai  (70-71)

Wisniowskie, Walter  SFC, USA  Qui Nhon  (69)   BIO

Wolfman Jack  AFRTS  (Never assigned to AFVN)

Wood, Ed  SP4, USA  Saigon  (69)

Woodhead, Kingsley, R. "Woody"  JO1, USN  (64-65)   BIO

Woodruff, Earnest M.  SP4, USA  Transmitter Repairman  (67-68)   TET

Workman, John  SP4, USA  Broadcasting Engineer, Saigon  (69-70)  

Woytek, Dennis  CE4, Seabee  (CMBU301)  Quang Tri  (69)   BIO

Wright, William N.

Wyatt, Walter A. Jr.  SSgt, USAF  Radio Repair,  Cat Lo  (68)   TET

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